| No Comments | Published on November 19, 2008

In environmental planning, there’s something called a windrose which displays the intensity and frequency of the wind at a particular location, in relation to the cardinal points. I decided the other day (after once again finding myself explaining what my workload this year has been like) to create a “workrose”… Read More

Voronoi previewVoronoi preview

Tutorial #7: Voronoi diagrams

| 8 Comments | Published on May 4, 2008

Sunday is looking a little overcast, a little gloomy, and a lot like a good day to tackle a complicated tutorial: Voronoi diagrams. I’m sure you’ve seen them before. Given a set of points, a Voronoi diagram defines a series of cells surrounding each point. Each cell contains all points… Read More

Tutorial #6: Colliders

| No Comments | Published on April 29, 2008

Here’s another brief tutorial. This one relates to object collisions and velocity transfers. Basically, we’re making simulated billiard balls: objects that bounce off each other and the sides of the applet. Not too much else to introduce, so I’ll just get started… What it looks like Here are the files:… Read More