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Voronoi plateaus

| 2 Comments | Published on November 2, 2008
The content that follows was originally published on the Don Havey website at http://donhavey.com/projects/voronoi-plateaus/

Well isn’t today just the most amazing day of self-motivation ever. This is project #3 that I’ve uploaded. It must be this new Vimeo account… I’m addicted to sharing video now. Here’s the video clip: Voronoi plateau from Don Havey on Vimeo.

This quick sketch used my Voronoi diagram class to create a landscape of plateau-like structures derived from an image. The image is “chiseled” into a Voronoi diagram, then extruded according to each cell’s brightness. The diagramming process is interesting, the result is… meh. It makes high-intensity images a little more intense… but that’s about it.

On a related note, I discovered that when overlaying a number of iterations of Voronoi-diagrammed images in Photoshop with an exclusion filter, the results approach the original image in terms of resolution. Here’s an example:

Notice that the red image is washed out a bit, but is much more resolved than the others… interesting.

Anyways, here’s the source code (get your own images this time) and a demo. Click to give the applet focus, then use the arrow keys to navigate once the diagram is finished. Enjoy.

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chris says:

When i try and run this code i get the following error:

The function get_midpoint() does not exist

(call is in g_polygon)



Don says:

Oops… sorry about that! Must’ve zipped the wrong files. Fixed now.

Added an image in the data folder now as well, so the applet is ready to go when you unzip.

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