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Art All Around

| 2 Comments | Published on June 25, 2008
Proposal #1 - View C The content that follows was originally published on the Don Havey website at http://donhavey.com/projects/art-all-around/

So the Art All Around competition is due tonight. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the premise is this: Create a plan to paint a large number of oil tanks located on the waterfront in (our fair city) Portland, ME. Some of the tanks will only have their tops painted, some will have their sides and their tops painted. The site is visible by land, sea, and air… but really only from a moving vehicle. The tanks are located adjacent to a major highway, and owned by the Sprague Energy Corporation; it is not public land.

Angel and I are submitting two proposals (since the depth of the proposals is very limited by the competition guidelines). Here they are:

** UPDATE: Chris sent me his excellent entry with permission to post it. Check it out below. **


The enormous silhouettes of local citizens walk in tireless circles around the tanks, while others bask in the sunshine on the tops.

Proposal #1 - View A

Proposal #1 - View B

Proposal #1 - View C

Proposal #1 - View D


A texture of fluid lines challenges the shape of the cylinders, complementing the fact that they are experienced primarily while the viewer is in motion. Algorithmically generated via Processing.

Proposal #2 - View A

Proposal #2 - View B

Proposal #2 - View C

Proposal #2 - View D

Complements of Chris Nannig

Chris did this study in super-warped color adjacencies. I think it’s great.

Chris Nannig's Proposal - View A

Chris Nannig's Proposal - View B

Chris Nannig's Proposal - View C

Chris Nannig's Proposal - View D

Enjoy. Let me know what you think…

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Tobin Fricke says:

I really like your first design (“circles”)–it’s way better than the design they actually chose! (-:

I live in Baton Rouge, home of the big ExxonMobil refinery. I wonder if they would do something similar…


Don says:

Thanks, Tobin!

Feel free to have Exxon Mobil call me. :)

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