CCT 126 | Winter 2013

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Week 1 | Introduction to code as a creative tool

Week 1 homework submissions:


Week 1 code-based artwork inspiration:

Week 2 | Introduction to Java & Processing syntax

Week 2 homework submissions:


A few final project examples from previous (and similar) classes:

  • A nice example of creating a tool as a final project. In this case, the user can create complex shapes using a line for cross-sections and a line for an axis: link
  • A similar augmented drawing tool that I created a while back: link
  • This classmate of mine in college created a dataviz final project that analyzed her conversations with friends and family: link (applet only; the source code shown is obsolete)

Hopefully those give you an example of the polish and complexity that is achievable within our 8 weeks. I’ll add to that list as I get a sense for what everyone is interested in pursuing.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group for the class if you’d like help and feedback during the week from your classmates.

Week 3 | Review of loops; Complex shapes and transformations

Week 4 | Review of complex shapes and transformations; How to make a button

Week 5 | Typography, user input & arrays

Don’t forget to upload all sketches you create from now on to the OpenProcessing website AND submit them to the classroom/collection I’ve created for us. If you’re having difficulty uploading a sketch, just use File > Export, zip the contents of the exported applet folder, and send that zip file and your sketch’s .pde file to me via email.

Week 6 | Review of arrays; functions & classes

Week 7 | Work session

This is our last week to wrap up final projects. Remember that everyone has 5-10 minutes in week 8 to present what they’ve got.

Open Office Hours
For those of you who want more help than just emailing back and forth, I’ve set aside a few hours this week when I’ll be in my office. Feel free to swing by, but email me ahead of time so I know you’re coming.

  • Wednesday, March 19th, 1pm – 3pm
  • Thursday, March 20th, 4pm – 6pm
  • Sunday, March 24th, based on interest

My office is located at 142 High Street, Suite 226, in Portland. Enter on the High Street side of the State Theater building, then walk up the stairs, take the door on the left, and walk all the way to the end of the hall. The sign of above our door says Perch Design Studio. Let me know if anyone is interested in working on their projects on Sunday, so I can plan to be in town.

Week 8 | Final projects & review

If you didn’t submit a final project and end up finishing it, upload it to OpenProcessing and send me a link.

Great work, everyone! Hope to see you again in future classes. -Don