Recursive Google suggestions

| No Comments | Published on December 1, 2012

Beginning from a initial string, take the last word of each Google complete suggestion and start a new suggestion with it: how do i put this gently synonyms for amazing racebuddy freeport maine state lottery numbers in spanish translation spanish to english to spanish translator french to english to spanish… Read More

Hot lettuce

| No Comments | Published on September 13, 2012

New website up and running. So 2012. Website and mark design by the illustrious Stacy Kim of Perch Design Studio. Development by yours truly. Many things are in the same place, but some URLs have been switched around a bit. Lots of the old blog ramblings were removed but some… Read More



| No Comments | Published on November 19, 2008

In environmental planning, there’s something called a windrose which displays the intensity and frequency of the wind at a particular location, in relation to the cardinal points. I decided the other day (after once again finding myself explaining what my workload this year has been like) to create a “workrose”… Read More

Reverse engineering vine-like growth and meandering cameraReverse engineering vine-like growth and meandering camera

Reverse engineered metamorphosis – Part I

| 1 Comment | Published on October 13, 2008

So Glenn Marshall’s metamorphosis video has been getting some rave reviews lately. The video consists of a 2d recursive vine-like growth, lots of butterflies, and some nice finishing effects. It is very pretty. Unfortunately, Glenn’s been a little – hmm – reluctant to share his code. That’s a pity, because,… Read More

Least-used letter pairs

| 1 Comment | Published on July 11, 2008

Curiobot is in the middle of a structural makeover and this morning I decided that the code needed a little condensing. Most popular Javascript applications simplify function and variable names to just a few letters, and some CSS-heavy pages use a similar unique identifier to cut down on bandwidth. This… Read More